About Us

Our Vission

Make a visible difference in animal health field by providing  high-quality veterinary products and excellent technical services.
Expand our business by exporting pharmaceutical & veterinary products all over the world .Thus becoming one of market leaders in the field of animal health in the near future .

Our Mission

Our key strength lies in commitment. As quality and customer services are on top of our priorities, delivering the best products in terms of  premium quality and excellent service to our customers. with wide range of products that fit all the needs of our customers


Ghannam Group for pharmaceutical & veterinary products started in 2017 but it has deep roots in the Egyptian market because it's one of a member of Ghannam Corporate. Ghannam the oldest name in the field of marketing of veterinary medicines and vaccines in Egypt, which was adopted in the establishment of this entity on the accumulated experience for four decades since 1979.

Ghannam Group at steady and promising steps started developed & produced high-quality veterinary products. We have relied on our long experience over the years, production of a wide range of vitamins, feed additive, herbs medication, Anti Stress, Anti-coccoidal, Anti-mycotoxins, Digestives, Immunostimulant, Liver Tonic, Diuretics, Metabolic-Enhancer, Minerals, Growth-Enhancer, and Anti-Bloat.

also, Ghannam Group marketing and produce by toll manufacturing a wide range of antibiotics in different form powder, liquid & sterile injection.

About Founder

The success story of this family business, run since 1979 by Agri. Eng. Mostafa Ghannam and his son Mr. Mahmoud Ghannam who both believe in the saying “Life is all the choices you make, and if your choice is based on profound interest, success is not a distant object”

He started his career in his early twenties with keen interest to help the Animal Health market.  Within a few years of persistent efforts, he was able to present high quality products to the market through trustable suppliers.

Over four decades, he has gained extensive knowledge on Animal Health products and he is passionate about bringing the latest technologies to the market.

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